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If we have to describe ourselves in one word, it is very simple for us. We are thoroughly “outdoor people” in the broadest sense of the word.

The term “outdoor people” is of course a very broad concept, but our permanent editorial team consists of people who enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities such as travel, outdoor gear, and water sports. In addition, we have people in our editorial team who love camping in the most primitive way. You can safely call a wild camping safari in African countries such as Botswana or Tanzania an adventurous outdoor holiday.

Many outdoor holidays or other outdoor sports activities require a lot of preparation. For example, you want to be able to rely on your equipment and know what to expect. We sometimes come across people who could have enjoyed their outdoor experience more with just a little better preparation and that is of course a shame. This inspired us to set up this website.

GearAre is a website on which you will find a lot of practical information, but also a platform on which you can read many travel stories and be inspired by a wide variety of ideas. This platform is aimed at both holidays and other outdoor activities.

At GearAre, we work with affiliate links, which means that we receive a commission from some links if you buy this product. You don’t pay anything extra for this. This allows us to maintain our site and we don’t have to place advertisements on our site!


When you see our website, you would almost think that we are on holiday 24/7 or are engaged in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, that is just not the case. We go out a lot, but not every day. That is why we would like it if you would also like to contribute to this website. After all, this is a website of outdoor enthusiasts, for outdoor enthusiasts.  

  • Have you had a nice (or negative) travel experience?
  • Have you discovered an amazing location?
  • Have you made a purchase that you really enjoyed during an outdoor activity?

Let us know via the contact form

Our goal is to make this website the largest outdoor platform for the real outdoorsy people among us. GearAre, if you only want to be outdoor!

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GearAre.com was founded in 2020 by the two brothers Patrick and Alex.

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