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Summer is just around the corner. And what better way to spend the hot summer days but to head to the beach and have fun and relaxation. Or, you could invite your friends over to your home and splash around in your pool. But spending time on the beach or in the pool is not complete without a beach towel on hand. Beach towels are part and parcel of a fun day on the beach. Here are some of the best beach towels on the market today.

The 10 Best Beach Towels

1. Amazon Basics Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

This towel is made from 100% ring-spun cotton and measures 30 x 60 inches. It has a Cabana stripe pattern that comes in many colors. Its edges are professionally hemmed for added strength.

Pros: The good thing about this Cabana stripe beach towel is that it is of high quality, super fluffy, and you can get it at such an affordable price for

2. They are well-sized for a beach towel, lightweight, and absorb wetness well. It also comes in cool colors with a classy-looking striped design. Great for the beach and for covering your lounging poolside chair.

3. The weave of the towel is nice and loose so that the towel is absorbent and cozy. They work wonderful and launder well. They are soft. They feel quite thick. They are very good wearing and very cozy after a swim.

You get great value for your money and it is very durable. It is cheap but not cheap-looking. After a hot spin in the washing machine, they plump up again. They don’t lose color, vibrancy, and there is no noticeable loss on the towels.

It is lovely to have these towels to lie down on after a soak in the pool. They are thicker and fluffier than your usual beach towel. It is very comfortable to sit on and lie on.

Cons: When it comes to washing, this towel has some issues. Some towels have threads coming out in several parts. Some towels started to come apart after a few items of washing. The washing instructions are not so clear.

You need to wash it more than once so that you will not be covered in little bits of blue fluff. For some, it is too heavy for a beach towel.

In the tumble dryer, they lose a lot of fluff. It also doesn’t have a hood to keep it from slipping down the lounger. They seem to be narrow; they don’t feel as wide as a beach towel should be.

2. Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Variety Pack Beach Towels

These towels are woven with 100% ring-spun cotton and measure 30 x 60 inches. They are highly absorbent and lightweight. It comes in Cabana stripes in blue, yellow, green, and orange.

Pros: These are pretty nice towels for the price. The ring-spun is ok and does not shrink. These towels are great for the pool area in your home. Colors do not run if you wash them in warm water. The towel is made with good fabric. They don’t leave fuzzies on the skin. You can also use them as a bath towels. They are of medium thickness and fluffy but not luxurious although they are of good quality. The size is nice and the colors are bright. They are great pool towels or lining your beach chair. Good for smaller people and kids. They appear sturdy. Great size, great absorbency, great looking, and great price.

Cons: They are linty. Before using them, be prepared to wash them several times if you want to avoid being covered with lint when you dry off with them. After four washes, they are still throwing lint everywhere and are starting to unravel. Strings also come loose.

3. Kaufman – Multicolor Joey Cabana Strips

These are beautifully, elegantly, and brightly colored towels that are made of 100% cotton velour. They are also large measuring 32 X 62 inches.

Pros: Its thickness has made the stripes look sharper. Otherwise, if it had been thicker the stripes wouldn’t be that defined. You can wash the towel in a delicate cycle with cold water and the towel does not unravel.

Far superior to most expensive towels since they are super soft. They are also highly absorbent and they hold their colors wonderfully. They are very comfortable on bare skin because of their softness. It is a high-quality towel that dries faster than heavyweight towels.

Cons: Too much lint causes your tub filter to clog after washing. After many items of washing, the towels start shredding. It also frays on the edge after washing. It is not so thick as to be considered a beach towel.

4. Luxury Thick Round Cabana Beach Towel

These are round, oversized, and thicker towels that give you maximum comfort. They measure 5 feet in diameter. It is perfect for your day at the beach. They have patterns that are Jacquard woven which means that they won’t fade with wash and wear. Colors are vivid with beachy stripes without being too bright.

Pros: They are plush, large great towels. Even after several items of washing, the towel does not shrink. A great thing is that you can even embroider the towel.

It is easy to use and easy to care for. They are very absorbent and do not take too long to dry. They are longer, wider, plush, soft, thick, and absorbent, a perfect towel for the beach. The edges have high-quality bindings.

The stripes are classic and elegant. They come out of the wash beautifully and colorfast. It is the softest, plushest towel to touch.

This towel is for you if you enjoy comfort and softness. It offers a nice bit of padding to that hard deckchair. It can dry you down when you return from the pool. Understated but stylish.

Cons: They are quite expensive. They are too big to be used as a bathroom towel, although it depends on if you want to use them there.

After the first wash, some towels had numerous threads coming out and the edge stitching separated. Some towels bled and frayed easily.

5. Dock & Bay Rainbow Towel Microfiber Beach Accessories

These towels are sand-free. It dries quickly. 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel. It is compact and highly absorbent. It also has a handy hook to hang your towels to dry. They measure 31 x 63 inches, which makes them large-sized. They are made of microfiber material.

Pros: They dry fast and do not take up much space as does a regular bulky towel. They are much softer than traditional microfiber. It is a towel that can work as a light blanket because it is soft and not scratchy.

It comes out fine in the wash. It’s great for laying on top of, and it doesn’t collect a lot of sand. You can use it to brush sand off your legs and the sand falls right off. It can cover the full sun lounger. It is lightweight and not bulky in your beach bag.

Cons: It is somewhat stiff. This is not the plushest thick, and most comfortable towel possible. They are thinner than a standard looped cotton beach towel. It is not the ideal towel to use to dry off. The bag that the microfiber comes in is a little bit too small when repacking the towel. The towel is very flat with no pile to them so there is no cushion when you use it to lie on. It feels strange when you dry yourself. The colors are all pale. It shows the dirt too much and is not always practical to wash pale colors.

6. Genovega Thick Round Beach Towel Blanket

This is a microfiber towel made of durable soft terry cloth. It weighs 1.2 to 1.3 pounds and is slightly thicker than the average towel. It is 62 inches in diameter including the tassels.

It can fit 2 persons comfortably. It is also a multi-purpose towel. It can be used as a towel, a beach blanket, a mat, a beach tapestry, yoga towel mat, picnic blanket, bed cover, table cloth, poolside lounging, or wall hanging.

Pros: It is a terry towel and is slightly thicker than an average round beach towel. But it feels like a regular beach towel and not polyester. It can also be used as a table cloth. It has adorable fringe details.

The material is super soft and the size is perfect for one person. Colors do not bleed or fade in the wash. Good quality. It has vibrant colors and a gorgeous design. It is a fun change from a rectangular beach towel. It looks very pretty. It quickly absorbs water and dries quickly

Cons: They do not come in solid colors which some prefer and is something that would be nice. It would be better if it were longer. It is not as thick and it is smaller than expected.

7. Microfiber Beach Towel – Travel Towel with Canvas Bag

This microfiber beach towel comes in large and extra-large sizes. They are quick-drying microfiber made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide mix. It is lightweight and durable and is densely woven so that sand, dirt, and other objects don’t get trapped in the fabric. It is also very compact and fits well in any bag. It comes with a canvas carrying pouch for easy transportation.

Pros: These towels are super soft and absorbent. It folds down smaller than cotton beach towels. It has a great pattern and colors. It has a hanging hook/loop. It is great to travel with because it packs up tightly.

They dry quickly. You can easily fit 2 towels in a carry-on suitcase with all other necessities. It leaves sand on the beach because it is not as porous as a regular towel. It does not emit a musty odor even if you use it multiple days in a row. They are so gentle on the skin. The XL size is great for tall people. It is very comfortable to lie on.

Cons: It is quite expensive. After 3 washes, some towels look dingy. The color has faded and it took a couple of washes to get the marks from the sand out.

They are not very absorbent and they take a little longer to dry out than regular towels. If you are used to a fluffy towel, you will be disappointed. It is basically like wrapping yourself in a tarp.

It doesn’t feel like a traditional towel. They do not do great drying hair. It is thinner than expected and can’t be called a towel but maybe a soft sheet.

8. Oversize Plush Cabana Towel by Laguna Beach Textile Co.

This towel is made from 100% plush cotton and is 50% thicker than standards beach towels. It measures 70 x 35 inches which is much larger than the standard 60 x 30-inch towels. The colors are vivid with beachy stripes. It is everything you need for a great day at the beach.

Pros: These are plush towels and they are big. They stand up to constant use. It does not shrink in the wash and it can be embroidered.

It is easy to use and easy to care for. They are absorbent and easy to dry. They are longer and wider, plush, soft, thick, and absorbent. The edges have high-quality binding. The stripes are classic and elegant.

They come out in the wash beautiful and colorfast. They are gorgeous and worth every penny. They are soft so lying on them does not irritate your skin.

Cons: These towels are expensive. They are too big and too long for a bath towel. It is more cotton velour and you will remain wet if you try to dry yourself with it.

After the first wash, some towels had numerous thread loops coming out and the edge stitching was separating. It came out frayed on one end.

The towels faded and there was so much lint and strings were hanging everywhere. The weave is very loose and delicate. Some say the quality falls well short of the price tag.

9. Large Turkish Beach Towel, Pool Towel with Cabana Stripe

It is made of 100% Turkish cotton. It is very soft and absorbent Its hems are double stitched for maximum durability. Colors remain bright because they are vat dried for 8 hours. These towels are eco-friendly and chemical-free. Natural dyes are used so it is safe for you.

Pros: They are absorbent and can be used in the bathroom and are durable enough for the beach. They also wash well. They are fluffy but not so thick.

Color does not run when washed. It comes out looking brand new after washing. It has a nice color. Even after washing it remains soft and absorbent. There is no unraveling whatsoever. It is good for the price and is very attractive.

Cons: They are not thick towels. They are flat and not soft. They are not fluffy. It is way too thin to dry you off. Ok for kids but not for adults. It is too small for the poolside.

They are not so absorbent and seem to take longer to dry than cheap full-sized beach towels from Walmart. They are more standard bath towels than beach towels.

At best, they are very average towels. They are thinner than most pool towels. They are rough and uncomfortable.

10. Dandelion-Ivory Basic Pattern. Naturally-Dyed Cotton Turkish Towel Peshtemal

These are lightweight towels that measure 71 x 39 inches. They are compact, highly absorbent, and durable for frequent washing. This is a traditional Turkish bath towel.

Pros: It is easy to maintain. It turns out great after washing. It turns out soft, almost fluffy, and the tassel knots hold up well. It could be embroidered. The material is very sturdy as well as soft and will hold the embroidery well. It is good for travel.

They are chic and practical. It can be used as a wrap, sarong, towel, and plane snug. It does not shrink after washing. It is large enough to cover a lounge chair. It dries quickly so they don’t stink up the hamper if they sit there for a couple of days.

It is super absorbent and soft. They don’t take up any space in the bag yet are large enough to layout on. It has a gorgeous pattern.

Cons: After laundering a couple of times, some towels start to look raggedy and continue going downhill from there. The unhemmed ends with large fringe get particularly beat up and start to unravel.

It does not affect the towel’s performance though, but it just looks busted. Some materials pill too and become noticeably less soft over time. The towels get pretty wrinkly and need to be ironed. They don’t absorb water very well.

They are thinner than expected. The fabric doesn’t breathe so it feels like you are wrapping yourself in insulation.

Beach Towel Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Beach Towels

Here are some tips for choosing the best beach towels.

1. Size

Many beach towels can also be used as beach blankets. Most beach towels are bigger than bath towels. A good size to aim for is a beach towel with a width of 28″ and a length of around 60″. A beach blanket is better for you if you are much taller.

There are many different sizes of beach towels. You need a beach towel that will cover your body. However, you need to make sure that the towel is not too long that when it is wrapped around you it also trails along the ground.

You need to compare the width of the beach towel with the part of your body that will be covered by it.

A good towel is also that which you can lie on with your whole body on it. There are big and small beach towels. Choose one that is at least as long as you are tall.

2. Portability

Thick towels are bulky and when it is folded can take up a lot of space in your bag. So, if you are bringing thick beach towels, you will need to carry more bags to fit everything else you need. And when thick towels are wet, they become very heavy. They become annoying to pack for your trip.

Look for a comfortable, thin beach towel that can fold easily into a compact size. This can be stuffed inside your bags without taking too much room. Thinner towels can be rolled up for easy transport

3. Functionality

Beach towels have a purpose. Beach towels are created to be used in many different ways. It functions as a barrier between you and the ground, to dry quickly, to absorb water, as a blanket, or a head wrap, and more.

Beach towels don’t only function to dry our bodies but also to keep our bodies warm after a cold swim at the beach. It is good to use when relaxing by the shore, especially on chilly nights.

Some beach towels are made specifically for kids while others are meant for adults.

Many children’s beach towels have happy designs with colorful patterns and cartoon characters.

While adults and teen towel designs come in a wide variety of colorful motifs. There are trendy designs, pastels, and neutrals. Choose depending on your preference.

4. Comfort

Your towel should be comfortable since you will be wrapped in it or lying on it for hours. Cheap beach towels have rough fabric that can make you itchy or is painful to lie on. They may look nice but they will not give you comfort.

Some of the most comfortable beach towels are cotton and velour beach towels. They have a tight weave that gives you softness and comfort.

5. Water-absorbency

Beach towels are mostly for drying off or lying in the sun. If you have a beach towel that is not so absorbent, it will not dry quickly.

And you will be sitting on a damp and uncomfortable towel which will attract sand. It will then also be difficult to shake off the sand off the towel.

And this is the reason why you need a towel that is water absorbent. With an absorbent towel, moisture will be soaked up. And your towel will dry very fast.

So, don’t just pick up any cheap towel in the market. Make sure that you look for one that is water-absorbent. The materials used for these kinds of towels are usually terrycloth or cotton.

6. Price

You should not choose a super expensive beach towel. But don’t also buy a very cheap one that is easy to wear and tear. Buy a towel that you know will last a season, at least.

You can get a good-quality towel for $20 to $25. Buying a slightly more expensive towel at the beginning will save you money in the long run.

7. Appearance

How does the towel look? Although this factor does not seem important, it is also nice to be bringing a beach towel that has a nice cool, colorful design. However, this is not important

If you choose a brighter and lighter-colored beach towel, you are choosing a good one when you go to the beach. The reason for this is that darker towels tend to absorb more heat and so if you are relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day it might not be very relaxing for you. Your towel will heat up as the sun heats up.

8. Material

You should also check out the material that the towel is made of. The most common material for towels is cotton which is very luxurious and is used in many hotels and spas. They are very durable, absorbent, and quick-drying.

Another popular material being used today is microfiber. It is quite thin and can absorb water very well. This is why many choose beach towels made from this material. It is also good for very sandy beaches because it is also sand-resistant

9. East of Cleaning

Choose a towel that is easy to clean. Some towels can be quite difficult to clean because of their design like having frills around the edge of the seam. If your towel is made of ring-spun cotton, you shouldn’t put it in the dryer. It is best to let it hang to dry.

How We Tested Beach Towels

To give readers unbiased feedback, we gathered reviewers who spent hours testing top-rated towels on the market.

These towels were used on the beach for drying off after bathing and for lying on the sand for hours. Criteria were set out for the reviewers to assess the towels according to their features.

Towels have also been tested by scientists and consumers for years. Scientists evaluate these towels according to their strength, drying time, washability, absorbency, and colorfastness. Consumers, on the other hand, check out their softness and feel.

What to Look for in a Beach Towel

We have already looked at some criteria in choosing the best beach towels above. We now list the things to look for in a beach towel.

Choose a towel that gives you the best value. It must have all the qualities of a good towel but at an affordable price. The best towel is one that is very absorbent and quick-drying.

You want to get easily dried up after your dip in the water. And you don’t want sand sticking on your beach towel so it is best to get a towel that gets dry quickly and is sand-free.

You also need to look for a towel that has a good shape and a good size. The size should fit you comfortably so you don’t have to let your feet or your head li on the sand. When it comes to shape, you can choose according to your preference, whether you want a rectangular one, around one, or whatever else shape there is.

The material is also something that you should be meticulous about. Choose an absorbent material that is soft and fluffy. And also make sure that it is light enough to be easily carried when you travel.

Good customer reviews are something to welcome. Choose a towel that is favored by most customers.

What is the Difference Between a Regular Bath Towel and a Beach Towel?

1. Dimension

Most beach towels are 70 inches on average. This is long enough for someone to lay on it without getting sand on their head and feet. A bath towel measures 52 to 58 inches in length. Beach towels are usually wider than bath towels as well.

2. Thickness

Most beach towels are thinner than bath towels. The primary purpose of a beach towel is to become a barrier between you and the sand and a bath towel is primarily to dry you after your bath. But, of course, beach towels also need to be thick enough to dry you as well.

3. Appearance

Most beach towels are brightly colored. This makes it easier to spot on the beach. Bath towels are usually solid in color and most of the time are bought to complement the color and the décor of the bathroom.

4. Function:

Bath towels are designed for everyday use when bathing while beach towels are used as a relaxing blanket that keeps you away from the sand. If you use a bath towel on the beach, then your legs or your head will end up all covered with sand. This is not a pleasant experience.

5. Capacity

Bath towels are small to accommodate a single person. A proper beach towel can handle at least one or at most two persons with some elbow room.

5. Appearance

Bath towels are designed to look good in the bathroom. But beach towels are designed to look good on a beach so they need to have a brighter and perkier design. A bath towel may not reflect your personality but a beach towel does.

How to Clean My Beach Towel

It is easy to maintain a beach towel. You simply need to wash them in a washing machine, then put them in a dryer or dry them on a clothesline.

You don’t need any special measures for maintenance. But if you want to prolong its quality, you need to wash your beach towel right after use. Then you can fold them nicely after they dry.

You need to wash your new towel before you use it. Most manufacturers treat their towels with fabric softener which makes their absorbency limited.

Some manufactured towels are treated with chemicals during the process of manufacturing them. If you don’t wash them before using them, the chemicals can go on your skin.

Before putting the towels in the washing machine, be sure to shake off or vacuum sand and debris that cling to their fibers.

You can fill a basin of water and dip or swirl your towel around so that sand can sink to the bottom. You do this before putting your towel in the washing machine. This will give your towel a better wash and your washing machine will be protected as well.

You need to wash your towels at the correct temperature so make sure that you check the care label before you wash them.

If you want to maintain the natural softness of your towels, you can add vinegar to the wash cycle.

Handwashing your towels are not recommended. With handwashing, debris, bacteria, and mildew will be difficult to get rid of properly. This is especially true if you have heavy beach towels that absorb a lot of water.

They are also very difficult to wring out. This will result in leaking colors while they are drying. And, your towels will then become very stiff instead of fluffy.

Do not put chlorine bleach on your towels. You can damage the fibers of your towel seriously. With bleach, the fibers get weakened and the beautiful colors and prints of your towel will be ruined.

Why Do I Need a Special Beach Towel?

If you can choose a good towel based on our guide, then you have found yourself a special one. Although you do not need a special beach towel, you have good reasons to get one. Special beach towels are large enough to lie without getting sand on them.

And if you buy a sand-free one, then you can be sure that you don’t bring sand back home. Having a beach towel means that you don’t need to use your regular towels when you go to the beach.

This will spare them from being worn down by the sand or salt water. Just make sure to wash your beach towel after use so that you can preserve its appearance and fluffiness.

Are Beach Towels Waterproof?

Most beach towels are highly absorbent and so are not waterproof. But today, some manufacturers have created sand-proof and waterproof beach towels. Sandusa brand is one such beach towel that is waterproof.

The sand-proof side of the towel is free of looped towel fiber that would have caused it to pick up sand. And this side is also waterproof. The colorful side of the towel is used as a typical towel and so is absorbent.


There are many ways that you can choose the best beach towels to purchase for your next trip to the beach.

Follow the tips given above and you will surely have a great time feeling comfortable on the beach with your well-chosen beach towels.

So, choose your beach towels carefully so that you can have the most comfortable and relaxing time during your beach escapade.

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