Top 10 best kayaks for dogs in 2022 (Latest and Best Guides For Dog Kayaks)

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Best Kayaks for Dogs

If you enjoy water activities but feel awful about leaving your dog at home while you go on hikes in the woods, we may have a remedy for you: kayaking alongside your dog. Many dogs like the ocean and would do anything to be out there in nature with their person having a good time. That’s why you need to find the best kayaks for dogs to bring to your next excursion.

So, the next time you’re planning a lovely water expedition, bring your dog along and experience the kayaking journey with your four-legged best buddy. Of course, you’ll need to choose the perfect kayak for both you and your loyal dog first.

Because the industry for kayaks and canoes is supersaturated, we’ve compiled a list of the best kayaks for dogs to assist you in finding the ideal equipment for both you and your canine companion. Continue reading to select your favorite and get started on your aquatic experience right away.


Sea Eagle 330 
Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-FeetCGvvIb9Xvihvj1G22ezleL3x8wQAmmhEqAuSvo KsQ4iXMMl4JEy4.4N/A
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Ocean Kayak 12-Feet MalibuF tSfT3YtlbjW8TZKdoyzACWQowCEuXJ6Z799j2VNz84OuWIjteBzl6qpTFuiyqhTKtmQIu8ZM9hH7DvXb4Ztoiej3holvZC sOudfKelubCS4.4N/A
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Sea Eagle Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport KayakzWcJw4.1$197.39
Lifetime 10 Foot Sport FisheroZIzwYnAhG5c fzp4U1dKs IWKCeXdLkUP8jmvI76MYfEuQFhCT5hXpcQDnGybcx uMSGFQL xNE1udKJcwLmZDrIhMAj5oF B sq4kqaAn3.9$1,155.88
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  1. Sea Eagle 330 

Another inflatable kayak is the Sea Eagle, however, this one has two seats. Not only that, however, this Sea Eagle 330 can carry 500 pounds, which means it is more than many ordinary solid kayaks can. Because of this sturdy construction, it’s the perfect kayak for people who have large dogs because they can sit on their own seats.

This best dog kayak could also be pumped in just seven minutes, relative to its size (although initial efforts may take up to 30 minutes, however, practice makes perfect!). If you’re having difficulties setting up a Sea Eagle 330, take a look at tutorials.

Many people are concerned about steadiness with approaching boats while using inflatable kayaks, however, an Eagle 330 is simple to maneuver in the case of surges and even handles to withstand the impact of logs or rocks.

It also includes a collapsible sea skirt, which is fantastic for protecting yourself from splashes.

One disadvantage is that while each seat appears to provide back support, the assistance is actually little since the cushions are full of air, making paddling easier while leaning slightly front. It’s worth mentioning that if used as a multiple-person kayak (without a dog), the front person must lean a bit on the rear person for balance.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 11′ 2″ in length
  • 34″ in width
  • 26 lb. weight
  • 500 pound maximum load
  • Pros
  • It takes only seven minutes to inflate.
  • Even the largest canines may be accommodated with a capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Exceptional stability
  • Cons
  • Kayaking with two people is difficult.
  • Bottomline 

With a couple of seats both for the user and the dog, this Sea Eagle 330 seems to be the best dog kayak for carrying and storage, assuring everyone’s comfort.

If you’re bringing a larger dog out over the lake, it’ll be fantastic, but if you’re taking two humans, you may experience some balancing and stability concerns.

  1. Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Feet

This Sun Dolphin Bali comes in a variety of hues, making it a versatile option.

For a splash of color in the ocean, choose between blue, orange, green, crimson, or even pink. However, the Bali SS is more than just a pretty face; it’s also a fully functioning sit-on-top kayak, with enough capacity for a lone kayaker and enough for a dog upfront.

In fact, the extra legroom in the front offers this an ideal vehicle for bringing your canine companion along. Furthermore, the front seating area does not detract from the enclosed and completely watertight storage compartment in the back.

Portable Accessory Carrier or A P.A.C. is included with this best dog kayak, which provides extra storage in the form of a rucksack or a pull-along.

Even with the dog’s minor movements, the 10-foot kayak provides constant and straight tracking.

Even though it is important to mention that the larger the kayak, the better the tracking, Sun Dolphin also provides a 12-foot model of this kayak, which is ideal for larger dogs.

Aside from that, as a 10-foot kayak, it’s light and adaptable.

One thing to keep in mind would be that this kayak is prone to tipping, especially at the lyon-entry. As a result, it’s critical that you and your dog practice entering the house.

The simplicity of access for the dog, on the other hand, completely offsets this disadvantage; the open cabin makes it very easy for any pet to clamber into position. Another disadvantage is that even the self-bailing boreholes are located quite near to the seat, potentially soaking the kayaker.

If this bothers you, one remedy is to block these holes or to recline on a cushion or towel.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 10′ in length
  • 30″ in width
  • 44 pound weight
  • 250 pound maximum load
  • Pros
  • There’s plenty of space for you as well as your dog to stretch out.
  • At the back, there’s a lot of sheltered storage.
  • P.A.C. consisted of
  • It’s available in 10 and 12 foot lengths.
  • Cons
  • With novice dogs, it’s simple to flip.
  • Drill holes that self-bailing can make you wet.
  • Bottomline

This Sun Dolphin Bali SS is ideal for individuals who want both leg and closet capacity, with plenty of room in the front and secure storage in the rear (plus the extra P.A.C.).

It comes in two sizes: 10-foot (ideal for little dogs) and 12-foot (ideal for larger dogs!). If you select this best dog kayak, simply make sure you and your dog train climbing in and out of it in order to not tip it over!

  1. Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11

This Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 sit-on-top kayak is ideal for a variety of water conditions. Its Tri-Form body is stable and maneuverable enough to withstand ocean waves and surf without toppling, and that also handles well on calm water such as a lake or a quiet river.

It doesn’t track fast, but it can handle everything you hurl at it. There’s plenty of legroom in the Comfort Plus seat for you to settle into a relaxed place while still leaving enough space for your dog!

The Comfort Plus has four-way adjustments to ensure that you’re in the best-relaxed position possible for your all-day travels with your greatest canine companion!

There are elastic cords for storing at the front and the rear of the kayak (the back bungee straps would be a great place to put a container to store your and your dog’s supply of water), however, there is no interior storage.

The Cam Lock Hatch is indeed the nearest you can get, but it leaks as well, so don’t put your phone in it!

Since this Scrambler is a kayak that’s sit-on-top, you’ll almost certainly get a little wet. If you’re going to be in chilly water, bringing a dry bag with you to store any extra clothing and towels is a good idea.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 11′ 6.5″ in length
  • 29.5″ in width
  • 47 lb. weight
  • Load Capacity: 300-350 lbs.
  • Pros
  • There’s enough space for you and your dog to sit comfortably.
  • Stability is excellent.
  • Cons
  • Insufficient storage
  • The top speed is a little modest.
  • Bottomline

An Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 is an excellent choice for a day at the coastline or a leisurely visit to the lake with your dog. It’s definitely one of the best kayaks for dogs.

Although it can handle both calm and harsh drinks of water, it moves slowly, so if you’re looking for a quick trip to your favorite vacation spot, another best dog kayak might be a better option.

If you want to spend precious time at sea with your greatest dog and just take in the view, the Scrambler is the boat for you.

  1. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Vapor 10 is a  sit-in single-user kayak that’s perfect for a relaxing day on the pond, lake, or slow-moving stream.

If you really want to enjoy a whole day with your dog while taking in the sights of the kayaking realm, this is the kayak for you. Although the Vapor 10 has only one chair, your dog may enjoy the comfortable ride by sneaking between your knees into the interior storage.

The Vapor 10’s wide cockpit is intended for maximum comfort while providing the safest ride possible. Its Comfort Flex saddle is cushioned to keep you comfortable when paddling, whether it be for an extended time or all day.

It also features molded-in oar support in instance you want to offer your dog some affection and let him know he’s not forgotten. The knee pads are designed to prevent you from rubbing your legs raw while on your journey.

When you really need to pump some fluid out of it, a drain valve is supplied; nevertheless, its position isn’t ideal for it to accomplish its job successfully.

If you do end up taking on water, it’s a good idea to have a bilge pump with you to assist drain the extra water from your kayak.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 10′ in length
  • Length: 28.5″
  • 47 lb. weight
  • 325 pound maximum load
  • Pros
  • It’s ideal for a quiet day on the lake.
  • Paddle rests are molded into the design.
  • Yourself plus your dog will have plenty of room in the cockpit.
  • Cons
  • The placement of the drain stopper is useless.
  • Insufficient storage
  • Bottomline

While the Vapor 10 kayak from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks is a terrific choice for a brief day on the lake, its lack of storage and weird drain position appear to be drawbacks.

This best dog kayak appears to be a fantastic choice if you would like to enjoy a relaxing paddle alongside your dog without having to pack too much stuff.

  1. Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu

An Ocean Kayak Malibu is a combination sit-on-top kayak that seats you and your dog on a couple of separate seats. Even better, it has a middle seat platform that enables two persons and a dog to kayak together.

This kayak is a great suggestion for families with children and dogs since it has several seating locations. These seats may be configured for one up to three paddlers, allowing for changes in an arrangement without affecting balance or stability.

The Malibu is a tiny tandem kayak that is smaller than that of other double kayaks. It is also thoughtfully designed in mind, including Comfort Plus cushions plus three molded-in seating wells.

Furthermore, the best kayaks for dogs have plenty of deck room for extra storage, which is appreciated by individuals who enjoy fishing while kayaking.

This kayak’s tracking is precise, and it is unaffected by the motion or load dispersal of a dog placed in the middle Comfort Plus chair or the center mold-in seat well.

One disadvantage of such a kayak is that it’s not very light, but that is to be anticipated from such a kayak which can accommodate up to three people (pet included). If you’re having trouble getting this from the vehicle to the ocean, you may utilize a trolley to help you out.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 12′ in length
  • 34″ in width
  • 57 lb. weight
  • 375-425 lbs. maximum load
  • Pros
  • Seats up to 3 people, including your dog.
  • Several seating options are available.
  • There’s plenty of storage on the deck.
  • When your dog moves about, it needs a lot of stability.
  • Cons
  • Compared to other kayaks, this one is a tad heavier.
  • Bottomline

This Ocean Kayak Malibu has a versatile seat configuration that can accommodate two persons and one dog. This puts Malibu an excellent choice for a day on the ocean with only you as well as your dog while still having enough room to move.

Alternatively, add an additional seat and bring a friend! “The more fun, the merrier!” appears to be the slogan of this kayak for dogs.

  1. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Since it is inflatable and hence portable, this Intex Explorer K2 Kayak enters our list of the finest kayaks for both you and your dog.

This is especially useful for individuals who have to haul their own gear, although it’s worth remembering since an inflatable kayak is better kept on calmer waterways and in wind-free conditions, so this is ideal for a pond or calm river excursion.

Aside from that, this kayak is built for two persons, making it ideal for one human and one dog, who may even get their own chair.

The kayak is possible to manage and reactive even when your dog is in place and only one passenger is paddling. Because this best kayak for dogs prefers to capture the wind and drift side-to-side similar to sail with a solo kayaker, the inclusion of the doggie weight actually provides for improved tracking.

This kayak is ideal for recreational use, and while it cannot match the functionality of a robust, solid-hull kayak, it does have some unique features, such as the capacity to be hauled out as necessary.

Even better, because this is an inflatable kayak, it can be simply stowed at leisure, making it simple to familiarize your dog with the kayak before going on a kayaking excursion.

Also, the robust vinyl structure is hard-wearing and stiff, so don’t worry about your dog’s claws (or teeth!) damaging this kayak.

The included paddles are fully functional, however, they do get the kayaker wet, which may be mitigated by improving the paddles.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 10′ in length
  • 36″ in width
  • 35 pound weight limit
  • Load Capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Pros
  • Storage is simple.
  • Your dog will have his own seat.
  • Paddles are included.
  • Can deal with your dog’s claws and teeth
  • Cons
  • Paddling with paddles gets you fairly soaked.
  • With minimal load, it gets busted in the wind.
  • Bottomline

The Intex Explorer provides comfort for one human and one dog is easy to pack and inflate and has a reinforced vinyl structure that provides comfort. When room or transportation is limited, this is the ideal answer. This best kayak for dogs isn’t designed for waves or anything too challenging, but it’s ideal for a day on the lake or a quiet river!

  1. Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak

For those searching for performance and stability in an inflatable kayak, this Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2 Person Inflatable Sport Kayak seems to be a terrific choice. This handy kayak set comes that has its own air compressor and is ideal for humans and dogs with minimal space.

With a weight of only 26 pounds and the ability to keep 500 pounds afloat, carrying this kayak seems to be a snap. You may either pump it in your automobile and transport it down to the sea in ready-to-rock condition, or you can wait when you get close to the water’s edge to do so.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 2 person/ 500 b capacity, 26 pounds, suitable for whitewater up to Class III
  • The SE330 Sport Kayak comes with two AB30 paddles, two inflatable moveables and detachable.
  • Spray skirts that are tethered and have storage below
  • 5 premium 1-way inflation as well as deflation levers close and open the drain valve.
  • Pros
  • This portable kayak for dogs is ideal for road trips 
  • It is so simple to store and transport – simply deflate your kayak and keep it in the backpack between uses! 
  • It also consists of two double-ended paddles, which we appreciate.
  • Cons
  • Some customers were dissatisfied with this kayak’s capacity to handle rougher conditions
  • It isn’t as sturdy against trash as hard-sided kayaks. 
  • Many people also complain that the provided foot pump isn’t powerful enough to completely inflate the boat.
  • Bottomline

Twin paddles, a step-operated filling pump, a repair kit, as well as a storing bag are included with this ‘yak. The design has two inflatable chairs, but they may simply be removed to create a place for your dog. It claims to be appropriate for rapids of Class 3 (from out 6) in difficulty.

  1. Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher

This ‘yak is 10 feet tall and contains only 46 pounds, with an exposed cockpit style. With only one seat, you’ll have lots of legroom and your pet will have plenty of space as well.

The Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher additionally comes with a slew of “extras” that are usually reserved for pricier versions. This contains thigh padding to minimize damage, paddle keepers, and many storage pockets to store all of your belongings.

Indeed, one of this kayak’s storage containers (known as a portable equipment carrier) is intended to float, allowing you to detach it and drag it after you on the ocean. This allows your dog to have more space.

Red, Light Blue, Blue, Green, as well as Orange are just a few of the hues available for the SUN DOLPHIN Bali.

  • Specifications and Features
  • Rivers and lakes love it.
  • Extra storage may be found in the P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier).
  • Seating space is spacious and comfy, with protected thigh padding.
  • Pros
  • In this price bracket, this is among the best-performing kayaks just on water. 
  • There’s also enough room on board to fit a kayak dog cradle comfortably. 
  • Even with the upgrades, there will be enough space for you!
  • Cons
  • The only significant disadvantage of this best dog kayak is that it will only hold 250 pounds, so large persons and dogs may have to find elsewhere.
  • Bottomline

This Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher is a solid yet lightweight vehicle ideal for pleasant floats with your dog. It’s a great alternative for dog owners who wish to make their homes more dog-friendly.

  1. Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak

This Sea Eagle SE370K is a two-person kayak that’s inflatable with additional seating for a third person (a couple of adults alongside a kid or dog). However, it is ideally suited to two adults for the greatest comfort and room (or a single adult and a large dog). Both people and dogs may relax in the cozy seating area.

This Sea Eagle is indeed a tear-resistant inflatable dinghy that can handle up to 650 pounds and is made of sturdy material. This kayak is ideal for anybody with a large dog and is capable of handling tougher waves.

The Sea Eagle’s floor is made up of 5 I-beam tubes for maximum stability. Paddling becomes simpler when you sit upwards and the load is supported by the floor rather than the side compartments. This stability is ideal for kayaking alongside dogs once more.

This sturdy kayak’s 5-tube construction also generates a more firm bottom, which increases the kayak’s velocity and navigation. Moreover, the kayak’s replaceable skeg (similar to those used on surfboards) allows you to kayak in a straight path, allowing you to go quicker and farther with less exertion.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 12ft in length
  • 30 inches wide
  • 10 inches in depth
  • 24.6 pound weight
  • 650 pound maximum capacity
  • Pros
  • Can accommodate big dogs
  • Skeg that can be removed
  • Stability is excellent.
  • Transport is simple.
  • Cons
  • It’s not easy to navigate.
  • Bottomline

This is a little kayak that can easily be transported. It’s also a reasonably priced kayak with a lot of features, including two inflatable seats, twin paddles, and a foot pump. For simple emptying, this two-person inflatable has a close and open drain valve.

  1. Perception Pescador Pro 12

This one-person kayak is built exclusively for fishing. Explorer kayaks, as previously noted, are especially suitable for dogs since they are designed for maximum stability. High-density polyethylene is used to construct this kayak for dogs.

This Perception Pescador Pro 12 is designed for one paddler and comes with a retractable seat for maximum comfort on the ocean. This seat has two configurations (upright and reclining) and a molded-in attachment track groove that allows for on-the-go adjustments.

  • Specifications and Features
  • 12ft in length
  • 32.5 inches in width
  • 14.5 inches in depth
  • 64 pound weight
  • 375 pound maximum capacity
  • Pros
  • It’s ideal for kayak angling with their canine companion.
  • On the sea, it’s simple to move around.
  • There are several storage compartments onboard.
  • Cons
  • Larger dogs are not recommended.
  • Bottomline

You may need to sacrifice some extra equipment based on the scale of your four-legged buddy, but generally, the best kayaks for dogs will give you a pleasant and enjoyable day out on the lake.

Buying Guide for the Best Kayaks for Dogs

Kayaks that are suitable for dogs

It’s simple to learn well how to kayak, as well as having your pet companion around will make the experience much more enjoyable. Acquire a kayak and make progress alongside your dog to read them during your first kayak voyage together before you can buy anything else. That’s why, first and foremost, we’d want to present you with a tool to aid you in selecting the best sort of kayak for canines.

  • Kayaks that inflate

Inflated kayaks are just like regular kayaks, except they’re built of an artificial rubber known as Hypalon, which makes them inflatable and deflatable. This kayak is better suited to calm weather situations because it isn’t guaranteed to survive strong waves.

  • Kayaks in pairs

Now, if you own a bigger dog and want sufficient space for both of you. Tandem kayaks are the most secure option since they are roomier and can support one to two people or pets.

Due to their hull plating, sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top are often the best kayaks for dogs. It features a wide cockpit, so you won’t have to stress about legroom, and medium to big dogs are certain to fit inside.

  • Kayaks for Recreational Use

Except for the cabin, recreational kayaks for dogs are substantially more roomy and enclosed. They can normally accommodate small to medium dogs, but there isn’t much room for larger dogs. If your dog prefers to be on the lap or even at your feet, a leisure kayak is for you.

  • Kayaks for fishing

Fishing kayaks, like leisure as well as sit-on-top kayaks, are dog-friendly. They have bigger decks, so that you alongside your dog will have more space, and these are also more sturdy. The disadvantage of this style of kayak is that it performs poorly in rapids.

Kayak for Dogs to Stay Away From

There are a few kayaks you should avoid because they’re not the best kayaks for dogs.

  • Kayaks for Whitewater

Whitewater kayaks are built particularly to withstand rapids. They’re significantly smaller than sit-on-top kayaks, so there’s hardly enough room for your dog. With that in consideration, it’s not the ideal choice for kayaking with your canine companion.

  • Kayaks for the sea

Sea kayaks, on the other hand, are tiny, thin, and have pointed ends. Sea kayaks, while smaller than whitewater kayaks, are equally as unsuitable for usage with dogs. Sea kayaks are designed for professional paddling on the water.

Important Features to Watch for in the Best Kayaks for Dogs

  • Size

The size of the kayak you’ll want is determined by the size of your dog as well as how much extra room you’d want to have. Kayaks and dogs may be a great combination if you can locate one that suits everyone. So, first think about whether you’ll be taking your dog out alone or with a family member, a friend, or partner.

  • Weight

Check the weight of the kayak, since it may be difficult for only a single person to handle a weighty kayak with a big dog as a companion. If you’re on your own, choose a lighter product to prevent exerting yourself physically beyond what the sport generally takes.

  • Stability

The broader the kayak, the more probably it is to be steady enough to manage a dog that decides to move around. This is critical, particularly if one‟s dog is massive, because even on a relatively narrow kayak, a tiny dog may not make a significant difference.


  1. Where can you go kayaking with your dog?

It could be almost anyplace. The majority of people refrain from taking one‘s dogs on whitewater or even to the sea, but they may go wherever else. Begin by staying near to the beach and covered until you alongside your dog feel ready to venture further.

  1. How can I train my dog to paddle in a kayak?

Get your dog used to being on the ground. Use snacks to pique their interest and make them feel at ease. Begin by being close to the shore and in protected water while you’re on the water. Allow your dog to investigate the kayak and become acquainted with it before going further from the beach.

  1. What’s the best way to get my dog back aboard my kayak?

The majority of dog-specific PFDs have a carrying strap. Before going out on the water, designers strongly advise you to put your furry friend in a PFD. Assist them to get into the boat by paddling alongside them, stowing your paddle, and assisting them. To maintain the kayak level, employ your body weight.

Extend your arm underneath your dog’s front legs and hoist them aboard the kayak if they don’t have a PFD on.

  1. Is it necessary to construct a specific platform for a dog?

No. In the kayak, many dogs will discover a comfy spot. Contemplate a waterproof cot or closed-cell cushion if you really want to create a more comfortable place for them. The goal of kayaking with your dog is for the both of you to have a wonderful experience together so make sure this is possible!

  1. Do I still have to be concerned regarding all of this even though I have only a little dog?

Yes. Although smaller dogs may be simpler to find a boat for, they must be grown accustomed and handled the same as larger dogs. They may well not be capable of tilting the kayak like a huge dog, but they are nevertheless susceptible to being startled. You expect your dog to love kayaking just as much as you do.


Kayaking alongside your dog may be a lot of fun, particularly if your dog enjoys being in the ocean and is adventurous. However, while you may not worry about getting tossed from a kayak now and again, your dog most likely does, which is why it’s important to find the best kayaks for dogs. 

Getting thrown out of watercraft may be unsettling and, as a result, frightening for a dog, particularly if he isn’t fond of the water. When your dog is turned over, the very first thing he or she is inclined to do is run for the beach. 

It doesn’t matter how skilled a swimmer a dog is, if he’s up against some major rapids, he’s not going to make it to the shore. So, before you go out and buy a kayak with your faithful companion by your side, ensure it’s as sturdy as a kayak could be. 

Look for the best kayaks for dogs that are strong, broader, and have solid hulls for effortless floating!

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