11 Best Outdoor Tanning Lotion (Ultimate Buying Guide)

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When you want that perfect summer tan, you might think that getting some sun is all you need to do. But the sun needs some help as well to offer you the shade you dream of! Here is where tanning lotions come into play. 

A tanning lotion will help you achieve the skin color you want faster and safer for your skin. But you get to enjoy these benefits if you choose your tanning lotion right. We put together the ultimate guide to help you find the best outdoor tanning lotion with less hassle! 

Best outdoor tanning lotions

We gathered the best outdoor tanning lotions that you can use to obtain that perfect skin color in a healthy and efficient way!

1. Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

If you have sensitive or pale skin but you still want a beautiful tan, this lotion from Devoted Creations is just what you need. It contains natural shea butter, which is a great ingredient not only for a healthy tan but also for hydrated skin. 

Besides natural ingredients, this outdoor tanning lotion also contains anti-aging ingredients such as the peptide Matrixyl Synthe 6. 

This lotion will melt fast once you apply it to your skin and it will penetrate deep enough to enhance the effect of sun rays. It is ideal for those who have tattoos as well since this lotion will make sure to protect the color of the ink during the tanning process. Your skin will glow every time you use this lotion and it will be well-nourished during your time outdoors. 

It is important to use sunscreen though, as this lotion doesn’t come with any SPF properties. So, apply a thin layer of your regular sunscreen before you use this Devoted Creations tanning lotion and you are all set for an amazing tan! 

2. Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer

Hempz Dark tan maximizer is another great outdoor tanning lotion that you can consider. We will tell you right from the beginning that it is a hypoallergenic product so you can count on it if you are prone to skin allergies. 

This Hempz lotion is rich in natural ingredients including oatmeal and mango seed butter. It is also paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and THC-free. 

You will get good hydration from the mango seed butter and the oatmeal will calm it down so the sun doesn’t cause any burns. Since all the ingredients in this lotion are natural, you don’t have to worry about any side effects. It is the best outdoor tanning lotion for people that suffer from skin allergies and it has a pleasant fragrance without any artificial ingredients. 

To maximize the effects of this lotion, make sure you add a layer of your favorite sunscreen so your skin will receive all the nutrients it needs. Since the Hempz lotion contains so many nutrients thanks to its natural ingredients, it is recommended to exfoliate your skin before you use it as well. Doing so will help the tanning lotion penetrate the skin better and nourish it more efficiently. 

3. Bronzo Sensuale SPF 8 Sunscreen Deep Golden Tanning 

Bonzo offers an outdoor tanning lotion that will not disappoint you. This might become one of your favorites, once you give it a try! 

It is a product that is made of all organic ingredients, without any harmful chemicals to worry about. Bronzo Sensuale contains organic carrot extract, aloe vera as well as shea butter, allantoin, and squalene, all meant to hydrate and nourish your skin during the sunbathing time. 

On top of these high-quality ingredients, Bronzo comes with an aromatherapy fragrance that will make you relax as well. It also offers an SPF 8 protection so you can consider this lotion as being two products in one. 

We have to mention that this product is also hypoallergenic and made of ingredients that are not tested on animals. Keep in mind that this lotion is not a bronzer, but it will support the tanning process naturally and healthily so your skin is well-nourished through it. 

4. The Fox Tan Originals Pack

Fox tan offers both a tanning lotion and a tanning accelerator in a very tempting pack. For those who want glowing, flawless tanned skin, this combination might be the secret to their success. 

Among the ingredients of these lotions, you will find jojoba, almond oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera, and olive oil. There are no harmful chemicals that you should worry about as you are using these creams. 

You can use these products both indoors and outdoors which makes them even more efficient than tanning lotions meant just for outdoors. The tanning elixir is a great primer for your skin and you can use it daily. Besides hydrating your skin, this lotion will also stimulate the production of melanin in your body, which supports the tanning process too. 

Once you get to the beach or the pool, you can apply the mist lotion to enhance the tanning and get the color you want faster. Using both of these lotions together gives your skin all it needs to stay nourished, hydrated, and well-tanned. 

5. Australian Gold Sinfully Black

The name of this product highlights the essence of its quality in a very suggestive way. This tanning lotion is meant for a well-defined tan that everyone around you will admire. 

As soon as you apply this lotion, your skin will be moisturized and hydrated in a profound way. This is the stage where the Sinfully Black tanner gets your skin ready for the UVs. Once you start sunbathing, the lotion will start working its magic and you will get a beautifully, dark tan, with no hassle. 

This tanning lotion is rich in walnut shell extract and caramel but also other ingredients that will nourish your skin every time you use it. It is recommended to apply sunscreen before using this bronzing lotion for an even better effect. Exfoliating your skin will also help sun rays penetrate the skin deeper and more successfully. 

6. Ed Hardy #Beachtime Dark Indoor Outdoor Coconut Infused Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy surprised everyone with the high-quality tanning lotion he created. As soon as you open the bottle, you will enjoy a charming coconut scent that you will want to have all over your body. 

Both the coconut oil and the coconut milk in this tanning lotion are ideal for moisturizing and hydrating your skin so the sun rays are even more efficient. These ingredients will help you not only achieve the tan you want but also maintain it for a longer time. 

The lotion also contains hibiscus extract that is ideal for keeping your skin looking young and elastic and the seaweed extract will help eliminate the toxins from your body. On top of that vitamin, A and vitamin C will protect your skin against any damaging agents while you enjoy your time in the sun! 

You can count on the Ed Hurdy lotion for all types of skin, but it is a good idea to add a tattoo protective cream beforehand to make sure the sun doesn’t fade the ink. 

7. Maui Babe Before and After Sun

Another pack that you will love to use to get the suntan you want is this before and after set from Maui. The formula for these lotions remains secret but they contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as a coffee plant extract and kukui nut oil. 

It is one of the best outdoor tanning lotions even for those who have sensitive skin since it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The browning lotion will accelerate the tanning helping you get a darker color faster. Also, the after-browning lotion will help you maintain the tan for a longer time and give your skin a natural glow. 

Both these lotions are suitable to use on all parts of your body but we wouldn’t recommend them for your skin as they are greasy and could give you a breakout if you are prone to such skin conditions. Even if the browning lotion might stain your light color clothes, there is no reason for concern as it is easy to wash out. Plus, if you wait a few minutes before you put your clothes on, you might not even have this issue. 

8. Millennium Dark Tanning Lotion

Millennium offers a dark tanning lotion that will be a true investment if you are looking for that perfect suntan. This is one of the most efficient bronzers and it contains ingredients of all kinds. 

Among other ingredients, this bronzer contains walnut seed oil, sunflower seed oil, willow bark extract, and certain high-quality chemicals that will accelerate the tanning significantly. 

Since it is not an all-natural product, this tanner might not be the best choice for sensitive skin or people that are prone to skin allergies. But if you don’t have such problems, you will be impressed by how beautiful your tan will be. And besides looking amazing, the tan you achieve with the help of this bronzer will also stay longer! 

We have to mention that this product is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanning so you can make the most out of it in any circumstances. 

9. Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion 

Tanning Paradise is one of those lotions that you will love to add to your summer days skincare routine! This product will offer you more than just a tan. It has anti-aging agents as well as ingredients that help protect your valuable tattoos even if you spend hours in the sun. 

This outdoor tanning lotion doesn’t contain DHA and it is not a bronzer, but it is a melanin stimulator that will intensify your natural tan beautifully. As a side benefit, it will also reduce cellulite and increase the firmness of the skin. 

Thanks to coconut oil, coconut butter, and coconut milk, your skin will be well-hydrated and more ready to receive the sun rays. take your Tanning Paradise with you every time you go to the beach or at the pool and your tan will be perfect with no struggle. 

10. Tanovations SUN DAY FUN DAY

Another tanning lotion that will be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use is this Tanovations product. It is highly hydrating and very soft on your skin, leaving you with a beautiful glow all day long.

You can count on its natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and cocoa. All these ingredients maintain your skin moisturised every time you use this tanning butter. It also comes with vitamin E extract which reduces fine lines and prevents wrinkles.

This tanning lotion works as an accelerator as it supports the production of melanin. You will get a darker skin tone faster and in a healthier way. It is a product that will work great on all types of skin.

11.b.tan SPF 7 Deep Tanning Dry Spray Oil

The last but not the least tanning lotion is the b.tan spray with SPF 7. since it contains SPF this product has double efficiency. It helps protect your skin against the bad effects of sun exposure but it also helps you get the tan you want.

You will be glad to hear that b.tan contains only natural DHA and argan oil with marula. This combination helps to maintain your skin soft and hydrated for the entire time you spend outdoors. You can expect to get tanned by spending a lot less time in the sun and reducing the side effects of sun exposure for your skin.

This lotion contains no parabens and it is vegan, cruelty free and recyclable materials. It will not have any smell so you don’t have to worry about any artificial fragrance while you use it at the beach or at your favorite pool.

Types of outdoor tanning lotions

You will find that there are three different types of outdoor tanning lotions. The one you choose will depend specifically on your needs and preferences but either way, you should be familiar with all of them. 


Accelerators are also known as tan maximizers and they work best on pale or sensitive skin. These lotions contain some anti-aging ingredients which are very useful if you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun. They don’t contain bronzers or any coloring ingredients but they will intensify the effect of the sun in a way that you will get the tan you want faster. 


Bronzers are the most common outdoor tanning lotions and they can offer you results soon after you apply them to the skin. They contain DHA which helps the tan resist a lot longer. But if you are using a bronzer, it is essential to apply it uniformly on your skin because otherwise you will get tanned unevenly. 

Tingle lotions 

These lotions will activate the blood right under the surface of your skin so the UV rays implement better and faster on the skin. They are very efficient and ideal for those times when you want fast tanning. But tingle lotions also give you a tingling sensation on your skin, which you might or might not appreciate. 

What to consider when you purchase the best outdoor tanning lotion 

Here are the main aspects you need to take into account when you buy an outdoor tanning lotion! 

Check if the lotion is indeed for outdoor use

Indoor tanning lotions and outdoor tanning lotions are quite different. If you are planning to achieve your tan outdoors, make sure you choose the right lotion for this goal. You will find in our selection products that can be used both indoors and outdoors and those are great options as well since you can use them on different occasions. 

On the other hand, indoor lotions only consider the UVA rays while outdoor lotions consider both the UVA rays and the UVB rays. So, an indoor tanning lotion will not cover the needs of your skin during outdoor tanning. 

Read the ingredients 

The ingredients of all your skincare products are extremely important, and your tanning lotion is no exception. Make sure to know what you are allergic to and avoid the products that contain those allergens. Also, consider your skin type and choose the tanning lotion that matches it. As a general rule, you want products that are based on natural ingredients more than on chemicals. But ultimately what works for everyone might not work for you so choose what is most suitable for your skin. 

You want to find ingredients that hydrate and moisturize your skin but also a good selection of vitamins that will nourish it during the tanning hours. Vitamin A and vitamin E are some of the most important when it comes to such lotions and occasionally, you will find products that contain vitamin C as well. 

Fragrance or no fragrance?

Choosing between a fragranced or a fragrance-free product is a subjective matter. Check the label as all lotions will specify clearly if they have any artificial fragrance in them or not. 

The most common fragrance you will find in tanning lotions is coconut. But mango and or coffee could also be options in terms of the scent such a product might add to your skin. 

Final thoughts 

Choosing the best outdoor tanning lotion for your skin should be easier once you apply the information in this guide. Chances are that you might find the product you are looking for in our selection without any hassle. We want to emphasize the need to add sunscreen, regardless of the lotion you choose. But regardless of your choice, you can’t fail with either one of the tanning lotions above! 

Our Reviews:

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