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One of the most popular songs by Blues Traveler is “The Hook.” The lyrics to the song are about a relationship that is not working out. The singer is trying to tell his partner that they need to leave each other before it’s too late.

The hook in the song is the part where the singer says “I got news for you, baby / You’re gonna be mine.” This is where the singer is trying to convince his partner that they should stay together. The lyrics are very effective in conveying the message of the song.

Are you looking for the lyrics to Blues Traveler’s “The Hook”? If so, you’ve come to the right place! “The Hook” is one of Blues Traveler’s most popular songs, and it’s easy to see why.

The catchy tune and uplifting lyrics make it a perfect song for any occasion. And who doesn’t love a good sing-along? So what are the lyrics to “The Hook”?

Here they are: If life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car And we’re all in this together, whether we want to be or not

Ya gotta roll with the punches and flow with the tides Just hold on tight to your heart And don’t let go no matter what comes Life can hand you some pretty rough rides But if you wanna keep on movin’, You gotta have…

Blues Traveler The Hook Lyrics


Who Wrote Hook Blues Traveler?

In 1992, John Popper, Chan Kinchla, Brendan Hill and Bobby Sheehan formed the band Blues Traveler. Their first album, Save His Soul, was released in 1993. The album’s single, “Hook”, became a Top 40 hit in 1994.

“Hook” was written by John Popper and Chan Kinchla.

What Movie is Hook by Blues Traveler In?

The movie Hook is a 1991 American fantasy adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and written by James V. Hart and Malia Scotch Marmo. The movie stars Robin Williams as Peter Pan/Captain Hook, Dustin Hoffman as Tinker Bell, Julia Roberts as Wendy Darling, Bob Hoskins as Smee, Maggie Smith as Granny Wendy, Caroline Goodall as Moira Banning/Tiger Lily, Charlie Korsmo as Jack Banning, Amber Scott as Liza Banning, and Dante Basco as Rufio. Hook was released on December 11th, 1991 by TriStar Pictures and grossed $119.6 million dollars at the box office against its $70 million budget.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics but was nominated for five Academy Awards including Best Original Score and Best Art Direction.

What is the Blues Traveler Biggest Hit?

The American rock band Blues Traveler has had many hit songs throughout their career, but their biggest hit is undoubtedly “Run-Around.” The song was released in 1994 as the lead single from the album four, and it quickly rose to the top of the Billboard charts, where it remained for a whopping 32 weeks. It remains one of the band’s most popular songs to this day and has been covered by many other artists.

Is Paul Shaffer in the Hook Video?

No, Paul Shaffer is not in the “Hook” video. The actor who plays the piano in the video is actually Bruce Hornsby, who was hired to be a part of the production.

Hook by Blues Traveler with lyrics

The Heart Brings You Back Lyrics

The heart brings you back lyrics are a popular song that was written by James Ingram. The song is about the power of love and how it can bring people together. The lyrics are very powerful and have a deep meaning.

The song is very popular among couples who are in love.

The Hook Song

“The Hook Song” is a popular song written and performed by American singer-songwriter Billy Joel. The song was released as a single from Joel’s album, The Stranger, in 1978. “The Hook Song” peaked at #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.

The song is about a young man who is trying to pick up girls at a bar. He uses various pickup lines, but they all fail. Eventually, he meets a girl who is also looking for a hookup.

They leave together and spend the night together.

Blues Traveler Best Songs

As any fan of the band knows, Blues Traveler is an incredible live act. They’re equally adept at playing bluesy ballads and upbeat rockers, and always deliver a high-energy show. Over their 30-plus year career, they’ve released a dozen studio albums and countless live recordings – meaning there are plenty of great songs to choose from when compiling a list of their best tunes.

So, without further ado, here are 10 of Blues Traveler’s best songs: 1. “The Mountains Win Again” – This song is the perfect example of what makes Blues Traveler so special. It starts out as a gentle ballad, with John Popper’s soulful harmonica leading the way.

But about halfway through, the song suddenly kicks into overdrive, with the band jamming hard as Popper wails on his harmonica. It’s a stunning display of musicianship, and always gets the crowd going wild. 2. “Run-Around” – The lead single from 1994′s four Grammy-winning album Four, “Run-Around” was an instant classic and remains one of Blues Traveler’s most popular songs to this day.

It perfectly captures the band’s mix of bluesy melodies and hard-rocking jams, making it essential listening for any fan of the group. 3. “Hook” – Another track off Four that helped make it such a success, “Hook” is another prime example of why Blues Traveler is one of the best live bands around. Clocking in at nearly nine minutes long, it gives each member of the group ample opportunity to show off their musical chops – particularly Popper on harmonica and Brendan Hill on drums.

If you want to see (and hear) what this band is truly capable of, look no further than this tune. 4. “But Anyway” – One of Blues Traveler��s most beloved tracks among fans, “But Anyway” originally appeared on 1991′s eponymous debut album but was later included on 1995′s Live From The Fall Tour release (which also features an excellent cover version by Phish). Its catchy chorus and poppy melodies belies its deeper lyrical message about loss and recovery; something that has resonated with listeners for decades now.


Blues Traveler the Heart Brings You Back

Blues Traveler the Heart Brings You Back is an album by American rock band Blues Traveler, released on May 7, 2013. The album was produced by John Popper and Brendan O’Brien. It is the band’s first studio album in six years, since 2007’s North Hollywood Shootout.

The album’s title track, “The Heart Brings You Back”, was released as a single on February 5, 2013. The song peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. Critical reception for Blues Traveler the Heart Brings You Back has been generally positive.

Allmusic gave the album three out of five stars and said that it “finds them revisiting their classic sound with modern production values”. Paste magazine also gave it three out of five stars and said that the album is “a return to form for one of jam band music’s most important groups”.

Blues Traveler – Run-Around

Blues Traveler is an American rock band that was formed in 1987. The band’s music is a blend of blues, pop, and psychedelic rock. They are best known for their hit song “Run-Around”, which reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1994.

The band has released thirteen studio albums, two live albums, and one greatest hits album.

Blues Traveler Hook Video Actresses

Viewers of the 1993 music video for Blues Traveler’s “Hook” may be surprised to learn that the three female actresses playing the band’s love interests were not professional actors. In fact, they were barely acting at all. The women in the video – Tricia Vessey, Karen Sillas and Susan Norman – were simply friends of the band who agreed to take part in the shoot.

Vessey was dating Blues Traveler frontman John Popper at the time, while Sillas and Norman were dating band members Chan Kinchla and Brendan Hill, respectively. So how did these three non-actors end up in one of the most popular videos of the early ’90s? It all started with a phone call from director Nigel Dick.

Dick had been hired to direct “Hook,” but he wasn’t sure how he wanted to approach it. Then he saw an episode of MTV’s “Unplugged” featuring Blues Traveler and had an epiphany: why not make a simple performance video with the band lip syncing their song while surrounded by attractive women? He called up Popper and pitched his idea, then asked if he knew any good-looking women who might be interested in being in the video.

Popper put him in touch with Vessey, Sillas and Norman, and the rest is history.


Blues Traveler’s “The Hook” is a song about the dangers of addiction and how it can ruin your life. The lyrics tell the story of a man who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, and how his addiction has led him to lose everything that was important to him. The song is a warning to others about the dangers of addiction, and how it can destroy your life if you’re not careful.

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