How To Clean Life Jackets Tips In 2022

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Can you still remember the last time you clean you clean your life jacket? If you do not form the habit of cleaning this most important boat equipment, you should form the habit of cleaning them now because of the obvious benefits you derive from doing that.

Why must you always ensure that this life-saving device is clean? Since your life depends much on this equipment when you are boating, this jacket should be healthy enough to protect you. Do not allow mold and mildew to build up in the system. This can become the case when you store the jacket wet instead of cleaning and drying it.

Anytime you have used the jacket outdoor, then it is likely it will get dirty. If you use it in the water, sand, mud, and sandwich or those forms of dirt must have affected this jacket. You do not leave it like that. You must clean it to ensure it is neat next time you want to use it.

Users of this jacket will want to protect their skin from the sun. You likely apply body lotion and skin oils to your body. These lotions could get to your jacket since you have applied them to your body. You do not have to leave them like that. Clean that after use of your jacket to make it healthy the next time you use your boat.

The other reason you must always clean the life jacket is because of the problem of scents and smells. Several factors are responsible for such unpleasant smells and scents and they include perfumes, beer, saltwater, as well as smoke and fish can cause that as well. Because of this, you wash them away so that they do not cling to your jacket.

Now that you have seen the importance of cleaning your jackets every time, the question now becomes how are you going to clean the life jackets? The fact remains that there are different ways of cleaning the jacket and a review of some of them would guide you in cleaning it the next time it becomes dirty.

How to clean life jackets

There are different methods of cleaning the life jacket. You do not need to try all these methods at the same time. If you use one method today, you can try another method until you get the most acceptable method of cleaning your life jackets. The method to use depends on the kind of dirt you want to wipe away from the system.

Method 1: Scrub it down

This method can work best when you want to do away with mildew and mold. Furthermore, you can try this method if you want to do away with pesky stains from your jackets.

Most kayakers can submerge the jacket in a solution of saltwater and allow it overnight before washing them. If you want to scrub the life jackets, there are ways of doing that and you can observe the following procedures to achieve the expected results.

*Scrub the jacket and you can do that using a bristle brush, which must be soft. This can help a lot in removing mold, mildew, as well as stains from the cloth. You have to be gentle when doing that, but you must ensure that you clean thoroughly until you have removed dirt from your jacket.

*Another way of doing that is to mix a solution containing a part of bleach which is also known as hydrogen peroxide to water. Ensure that you mix that thoroughly. When that is ready for use, apply it directly to that place you spotted stains, mildew, and molds.

Before you wash, allow it to soak for two minutes, but you can achieve a better result when you expose it to sunlight for a few minutes before you begin to remove the stains or mildew and so on. Expose it to sunlight for forty-five minutes. You can achieve a better result if that sinks very well to the stained spot. It can remove all forms of stains from the system.

*Brush that life jacket, ensuring that you scrub at that place you applied that solution. Ensure you brush and scrub thoroughly until you completely remove them. Then you have to rinse and it is recommended that you apply fresh and clean water when you are rinsing it.

*Furthermore, you can make another solution of water containing dish soap. This time you have to wash the area affected very well. You can wash the whole jacket again. If it is possible, you can try to wash the affected areas three times, you are going to achieve better results.

*When you have cleaned and rinsed for the third time, hang it, and do not bring it for use until you are certain that they have dried completely. You can get the best result if you allow them to dry under sunlight.

Method 2: Use Ol’ Soap and Water

This is another way of washing your life jacket to get a better result. This method is not complicated as anybody can do that. It only requires your strength and time. Just spot the area you want to focus your attention on, and then start to clean the spot until you have completely removed dirt from the system.

This method involves mixing a bucket of water, applying liquid laundry detergent, and inserting the jacket into that solution. Remember one of the purposes is to protect that fabric within that jacket. Spread it on a smooth surface and begin to brush it with that solution until you have completely removed the dirty from that jacket.

If you apply that good cleaning solution, it will help remove the dirt away from the jacket. You have to apply your strength and scrub down the jacket. Scrub each side several times. Ensure that you soak each side for thirty minutes and scrub it.

The most important thing is to ensure that you give each side the required attention. Because of that, you can scrub down three to five times until you achieve the result you want.

life jackets

Finally, you have to rinse with clean water, and in doing that ensure that you do away with all residues of dirty in the system. Moreover, ensure that there is no trace of soap in the jacket.

When there is a thorough washing, you can spread it in the open space and allow the sun to dry it completely, you can achieve better results when you do that.

A simple method to clean a life jacket

This simple method can clean life jackets and PFDs. Here is a simple and straightforward step to do that.

Step 1: If it is just an ordinary cleaning when there are no stains, mold, or mildews. You can just rinse the jacket using water or a hose.

Step 2: Fill a container or bucket will 3 gallons of cold water and add 1 oz. of the clean and rinsing detergent.

Step 3: Get to the soiled area of the jacket and apply the cleaner. Scrub the area gently using a soft and bristled brush. In doing that ensure that you do not over-apply pressure to that jacket when you are cleaning with the solution.

Step 4: Dip that jacket into the bucket and clean the whole surface. While doing that, you can apply the sponge gently.

Step 5: Rinse the jacket with clean water or use a hose.

Step 6 : Allow it to air dry

Precaution and conclusion

When you are cleaning the life jackets, it is important that you take good care of it and do not apply any dangerous chemicals that can damage the fabric. Because of that, you must avoid applying chemicals to the jacket. Ensure that the detergent you use is safe and healthy for your clothes.

Moreover, when you are cleaning, do not kneel or flatten the jackets, this is because it is going to destroy the flotation material. If you take proper care of the jacket especially after use, it can make it impossible for mildew and mold to form within the system.

When you take proper care of it, you are going to extend its lifespan and this means that it is going to last you more than you have expected. Although it is a jacket, it is composed of lightweight and durable materials and that is why you must avoid using heavy chemicals when you are cleaning it.

This warning is important if you want your jacket to last for a very long time. The makers of the jacket do not prepare it to withstand such harsh chemicals. They may look strong, but they are only designed to help you float in the water when you use it.

Because of that, the best way to take good care of it is to use soap and mild detergent. You should clean the detergent, as soon as you finish using it to prevent a bad odor. Do not form the habit of keep stains or dirt, as it can shorten the lifespan. You can take good care of it, and you do not need to be an expert to do that.

Our Reviews:

We can make the world a little bit better with great in-depth reviews.

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