Sharks in Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is a group of islands situated in the Pacific Ocean, a beautiful place with relaxing landscapes and many must-see at least once-in-life things. The main and biggest island in the group is where the most addicting attractions are. This island has a reef barrier and a lagoon around it.
This beautiful place looks like it came from heaven especially because of the nature around it and the calm, blue water. Some of the attractions here are the water cottages, the Otemanu mountain, and swimming with sharks and other sea animals. Now you’ll find out more about the sharks in Bora Bora and how they act around the tourists.

Types of sharks in Bora Bora

Scary shark opening mouth in water

The sharks in Bora Bora aren’t dangerous as you’ve heard. They’re not the scary creatures from those horror movies you watched. Sharks come in various forms and sizes and the ones around the island aren’t harmful.

There are many types of sharks. Here is a list of the most seen species in the island’s reef:

Blacktip reef shark

This species of sharks can reach the length of 2 meters (ca 6.5 feet) but most have around 1.6 meters (5 feet). They are mostly found in groups and they hunt only at night for small sea birds or fish or even little octopuses. They’re peaceful and don’t attack humans even if they are feared. The name of this particular shark comes from the black color on the tip of all its fins. Don’t be scared if they come close to you, they are only curious.

Lemon shark

Stingray Under Water

The name of this type of shark comes from its color which is somehow a mix of brown with yellow. Their belly is also yellow when they’re young but the color becomes more greyish once they get older. Although it’s bigger than the blacktip shark, the lemon is not as aggressive as most people think. It can reach 3.5 meters in length (up to 12 feet). This shark can live even for 40 years and it hunts both during the day and the night. Its diet consists of sea animals like fish, mollusks, and sometimes even sea birds. It can often be found in groups of up to 5 individuals but is known as solitary.

Grey shark

Gray Shark

This beautiful specimen has a uniform grey color on the back and white on its belly although this shark’s fins are black on the edges. They mostly hunt during the night when they don’t move in groups like during the day. It’s known for both its strength and speed like the ones of lemon sharks and blacktip sharks. It won’t hesitate either to approach divers. Like all living beings, it’s curious about new things which come in its territory. They don’t attack humans so you shouldn’t fear them.

Whitetip shark

Diver in wetsuit swimming near shark underwater

This type of shark can live up to 25 years and they have amazing teeth which are renewed once in a few days. They mostly have up to 2 meters in length (6 to 7 feet) length. They can be sometimes confounded with nurse sharks because their appearance can be pretty similar. This beautiful being is also called a coral shark and just like the blacktip shark is active during the night. In order to breathe, all sharks have to move. This type of shark stays in the way of the current during the day, under corals which makes it really smart.

Hammerhead shark

This particular specimen is the most distinctive because of its body, especially its head which looks like a hammer. This is the reason why its name is the hammerhead shark. The younger sharks aren’t so feared but the older ones are. They can reach up to 6 meters (20 feet) in length are feared by the divers. Hammerhead sharks don’t attack humans. Their diet is made from rays, octopus, crustaceans, and sometimes other sharks species. When it sees divers, the hammerhead shark doesn’t come too close so there’s no reason for you to Panik.

Look at every shark when you’re there. They really are amazing creatures. This experience might even help you get rid of the fear of sharks. You’ll see that they have pretty good behavior around humans.

The sharks in Bora Bora aren’t the only attraction that you’ll see in the reef barrier around the island. There also are barracudas and stingrays that live in or around the beautiful corals. You will surely see many bright-colored fish types. Be careful and wear feet protection, marine life can be poisonous sometimes.

Bora Bora shark feeding

During your trip to Bora Bora, you can opt for seeing how a guide will feed the sharks. Some people might consider this insanely dangerous. The guides are specialized in shark feeding because they do it for tourists almost every day. These species mentioned above aren’t as big as the ones in the ocean and they are used in the presence of humans.

Dangerous shark swimming underwater of sea

However, you won’t be allowed to feed the sharks yourself. That’s highly forbidden because you might get injured. You also shouldn’t touch the sharks because they can get scared or aggressive. Your guide will feed the sharks with dead fish or crustacee. These are the main preferences in their diet. The feeding is made with bare hands while you’ll watch from your boat or canoe, included in the price of the tour.

If you’re not afraid of sharks you can as well enter the water with your guide. If you fear sharks then you probably shouldn’t enter the water. Seeing the sharks coming close to you might make you panik. You surely don’t want a panik attack at that moment. Be careful though, even if it happens rarely the sharks can be aggressive.

The water is clear and not too deep. That means there won’t be any kind of problem with seeing how the guide approaches and feeds these impressive beings. You should take a lot of pictures and show your friends and family what a great time you had.

Bora Bora shark diving

While you’re in Bora Bora you have to option to do shark diving, yes, you heard that well. If you’re up for an adventure in the beautiful waters around the island or you want to take some photos of the marine life while diving you have the option to book tours. During the tours, you’ll see sharks, stingrays, and bright-colored fish with a guide. The equipment is included in the price you’ll pay. Don’t worry, the prices are really good.

Man Swimming with Shark

On the island, there are 4 companies from which you can choose. They all have the option of booking a tour or cruise in the calm and relaxing water around the island. You can also opt for trips to the other attractions or you can rent a jet ski.

The 4 companies from where you can rent diving equipment and a tour with a specialized guide are:

These are trusted companies that provide good quality services. You can as well check their prices and what tourists, who used services from them, say. This way you’ll make sure that you have the best time during your vacation.

There are thousands of people who went to this beautiful island and had the best time of their lives. Some of them come frequently to repeat the experience and to do new things.

Seeing all the species of sharks swimming around you and being fed by your guide will make your vacation perfect. The emotions and feelings you’ll have in those moments will be incredible.

Sharks in Bora Bora lagoon

The lagoon experience will be like swimming in a massive aquarium. Snorkeling in the water of the lagoon with the sharks will be a great experience you won’t ever forget. The sharks won’t be the only animals around. You’ll also find yourself gazing at bright-colored fishes and the beautiful coral. You might even see sea turtles.

Aerial View of Beach

The sharks of the Bora Bora lagoon are impressive animals that scare most people. There’s no reason for you to fear them, they got used to being around humans.

If they swim around you or come close to you don’t panic. They’re just curious about who has entered their home.

When your group arrives at the spot where your guide will take you there will already be sharks around. Although, once you enter the water more will come. There is no reason to be scared. These admirable and highly respected creatures are used to visitors. They know they’re about to be fed without making too much effort.

Dangers you may encounter

As for shark attacks, they are extremely rare. One of the reasons they had happened in the past is that stubborn tourists wanted to feed the sharks themselves.

Sharks are the least dangerous animals in the Bora Bora lagoon. Stonefish, sea urchins, and even corals can have caused far more injuries than sharks.

Maybe you love cone shells. If you don’t pick them out of the water with your bare hands because they can be poisonous.

Measures of protection

As you’ve seen, there are some dangers that can cause you an unpleasant vacation but what should you do to protect yourself?

  1. You have to wear protection for your feet every time you enter the water in order to stay far from wounds caused by the marine life. Water shoes are a great option. That’s not a reason to step on sea creatures. Be careful where you place your feet.
  2. Don’t explore on your own especially if you’re there for the first time. I know that everyone can be very curious but you should stay close to your guide.
  3. Don’t do things you’re not allowed to do. Feeding the sharks on your own is not allowed because they can get aggressive and even bite you.

Bora Bora shark and Ray tours

In order to experience all the adventure and great activities in and around Bora Bora, you can go in a shark and Ray tour. They are available online. That means you can book them before you get there.

There are half a day or entire day tours and cruises available from which you can choose the one you want. You have many options. There are tours that combine snorkeling with the sharks and rays and feeding them.

You can check the cruises and tours available on Bora Bora Lagoon Cruise. You can choose from full-day and half-day tours and cruises with or without lunch. They will take you on a unforgettable journey through the waters around Bora Bora. You’ll be able to see the sea animals swimming around you and you can snorkel in the warm water.

Another place from where you can book a shark and ray tour or cruise is Bora Bora explorer. From here you can book a Lagoon Snorkeling Tour with Sharks & Stingrays or a Land & Sea Tour with Safari & Snorkeling which will give you the greatest experience of your life in one of the most amazing places on Earth.

 Man on the Rocky Mountains

Moana adventure tours is another site from where you can book shark and Ray tours among other types of tours. They promise the best day of your vacation and a great experience. The tours will take you on a day full of activities some relaxing, some amazing, and some unique, depending on what you chose. The choice is all yours.

Bora Bora should be the next place you’ll go to. All the sea animals, especially the sharks, will give you extreme feelings you’ve never had before. Be amazed by the beauty of marine life and have fun exploring safely with a guide.

Look for plain tickets right now. Once you’re there enjoy every moment. You can take your friends or family with you. Give them the best vacation they’ll ever have.

Our Reviews:

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