Does It Snow in Mexico? 10 best Mexico Places With Snowfall You Have To See Before You Die

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Well, the answer is yes, and it seems that people are getting a little excited about the prospect. When you think of snowy weather, you might imagine yourself in some cold Canadian city right now. But what if I told you that winter actually comes to many places near the equator during its summer months? The answer is yes. In this article, we will explore how snowfalls in Mexico and also how it would be a pretty good place to visit even if it doesn’t snow!

When Does it Snow in Mexico?

The best time to visit Mexico is during the months of December and January when you can experience the snow. You will also see many other tourists in town during this time, which makes it all the more enjoyable for you.

The best part about visiting in December or January is that you can enjoy less crowded streets and a markedly lower cost for things such as accommodations, transportation, tours, and food.

January is the best time to visit Mexico because it is the coldest time of year, and you will be unable to find any snow at all. Mexico City and Cancun are both very warm during this time, so the weather will be perfect for your visit.

(Note: We have seen snow in Mexico City in February and March, but these are not ideal conditions to experience.

Mountain Covered Snow Under Star

Where Does It Snow In Mexico?

It is possible for it to snow in Mexico because it gets cold enough for winter weather. The temperature in Mexico is always above 25 degrees Celsius. When the temperature gets below freezing, a little precipitation will fall. Snow can fall on high mountain areas or hilly places where a lot of clouds are present.

What Happens When It Snows In Mexico?

In this part of the world, snow is more common than ice during the winter months. The snow is typically light and powdery and appears as fine flurries or as a white haze that covers the landscape. Mexico is one of the most popular winter destinations for tourists from Europe, Canada, and the United States. This could be considered a good year for tourism in Mexico because of the long winter season.

Does It Snow In Other Mexican Cities?

The cities closest to the coast are least likely to have snowfall on them. Mexico City is a fair distance north of any coast so it is not likely to have snow. Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Puebla are also not likely to have snowfall. The mountains in the regions of Baja California, Sonora, and Sinaloa are where you would find snowfall. In these regions, it is possible to experience the snow even during the summer months. This is due to the cold air that flows from Antarctica and conceals the sun for a few hours during wintertime.

10 best Mexico Places With Snowfall You Have To See Before You Die

Spiky Snowcapped Mountain Top

Mexico is a beautiful country! It’s filled with culture and history, plus it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The country’s central location in North America also makes it a great place to visit during any season. If you’re thinking of visiting Mexico in the near future, these are our Top 10 places you need to see that receive snowfall. What are some other places that get snowfall? Let us know in the comments!

1. Estación de Río San Juan, Guadalajara

Some of the snow in this area is weighed down by rain so it does not stick to the ground. This makes for a great way to experience winter because you can always be sure there will be some color to enjoy as well as fresh air. This mountain is also home to one of the most beautiful lakes in Mexico.

2. Mexiquillo, Durango

This mountain is located on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. The area gets cold winds from the north, making it a great place to ride snowmobiles or even skis. It is also home to the highest peak in Durango state and is a beautiful place to visit during the month of May and early June. Mexiquillo, Durango is a small town just south of the Laguna de Coahuila. The people of Mexiquillo, Durango live their lives on the edge of a lake that was once a volcanic crater.

3. Mount Popocatépetl, Mexico City

Mount Popocatépetl is a part of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range. It is the highest peak in Mexico at a whopping 25,452 feet above sea level and has three well-known glaciers! There are many waterfalls along the way so you can enjoy them afterward and take in some spectacular views of the snow-covered mountain before you get back to civilization.

4. Sombrerete, Zacatecas

Sombrerete is a mountain town that is surrounded by beautiful views of snow-covered pine trees. Because it is a small mountain town, you will have the benefit of a quiet and relaxing getaway that doesn’t require much planning. You can enjoy the fresh air and snow while staying at one of the local hotels or guesthouses.

5. Arteaga, Coahuila

This town is located in the state of Coahuila. The town is named after its original founder, Juan de Arteaga. Arteaga has many waterfalls that can be seen along the way to the top of the mountain, which are called “Milagros.” The normal way to get to the Milagros is by bus because it is a very rough and difficult road that requires four-wheel-drive vehicles and high-powered trucks.

6. Copper Canyon, Chihuahua

Copper Canyon is a very large canyon that is known for its historic and beautiful landscapes. The area has many different campsites and you can spend a weekend or even several days exploring the snowy terrain. If you’re interested in mountain biking, this is the place to go!

Snow Covered Rocky Mountains

7. New Mexico, Chihuahua

New Mexico is a small town near the border of Arizona, Texas, and Chihuahua. The area is known for its winter sports and is a favorite destination during the month of January. The town was founded by Americans, so it has American-style housing and architecture.

Best Place To Stay in New Mexico: Mescalito Lodge & Spa

This hotel is located near one of the most beautiful local waterfalls, which you can go and swim in after getting out of the pool. There are tours you can take to see more waterfalls in the area.

You could also go skiing in this area during wintertime and take advantage of the warm indoor sauna, hot tubs, and massage rooms. The Mescalito Lodge has a full-service spa that can offer you many different options including relaxing massages and facials.

8. Nevado de Toluca, State of Mexico

Nevado de Toluca is an active volcano that is also covered in snow. The mountain is home to a ski resort and the village of Santiago Tianguistenco. In Nevado de Toluca, you will be able to enjoy everything from hiking and horseback riding to fishing and swimming at the beach!

9. Los Nevados, State of Mexico

Los Nevados is a beautiful town located in the western part of Mexico. The main attraction here is Santa María Waterfall. The waterfall is accessible to the public and can be enjoyed year-round. The weather here is usually warm and dry, but in the summertime, there are occasional rains.

10. La Malinche National Park, Hidalgo

This national park is located somewhere in the “sky.” It’s famous for its multiple waterfalls and lakes that are filled with snowmelt during the rainy season. You’ll also find enormous rocks that call to mind the mountains of Asia.

Mexico is a great place to go during the winter, even if you could only visit one of the places mentioned above. Take a look at the cost of flights from your hometown to Mexico and try to go for a weekend! If you do, take our word for it; you won’t be disappointed.

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