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Welcome to The Steele Maiden, a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog based in NYC. Here you’ll find posts on the latest trends, where to travel next and how to live your best life. Whether you’re looking for outfit inspiration or tips on how to make the most of your next vacation, you’ve come to the right place.

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Steele Maiden is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog based in NYC. We believe that style is personal and unique to each individual. Our mission is to provide our readers with the latest trends, tips and advice on how to rock their own sense of style – whether it’s everyday streetwear or high-end designer labels.

We also love to share our passion for travel, both near and far. From weekend getaways to international adventures, we’ll show you how to make the most out of your vacation time. And last but not least, we like to keep things real – because let’s face it, life isn’t always perfect.

We write about the good, the bad and everything in between in hopes that our readers can relate and feel inspired by our stories. So whether you’re looking for outfit ideas, travel inspiration or just a dose of reality, Steele Maiden has got you covered!

The Steele Maiden Fashion Travel Lifestyle Based In Nyc


What Inspired You to Start Steele Maiden

In 2013, I was fresh out of college and working as a waitress when I met my future business partner, Jill. She had just quit her job as a corporate event planner and was looking for something new. We hit it off immediately and started talking about starting our own business.

Steele Maiden was born out of our shared love of entertaining and party planning. We wanted to create a company that would help people throw the best parties possible, without all the stress that comes with it. Jill and I both have a background in theatre, so we understand the importance of putting on a good show.

That’s what we strive to do with every event we plan – whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or corporate function. We want everyone to have a great time and remember the party for years to come!

What are Your Favorite Aspects of Running Steele Maiden

There are so many things that I love about running Steele Maiden. First and foremost, I love the challenge that it provides. It is always a great feeling to set a goal and then accomplish it- whether it is running a certain number of miles per week or training for a race.

I also enjoy the community that surrounds running. It is amazing to be able to connect with people who have similar interests and goals. There is nothing quite like being able to share your passion with others and knowing that they understand exactly what you are going through.

Finally, I simply love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with running. No matter how challenging the run may be, crossing the finish line always provides me with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Knowing that I pushed my body to its limits and came out stronger on the other side is an incredible feeling.

What Type of Content Can Readers Expect to Find on Steele Maiden

The Steele Maiden blog is dedicated to providing readers with accurate, in-depth and detailed information about all things related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for the latest trends, tips on how to wear certain items or advice on which products to buy, you can be sure to find it here. In addition to informative articles, the site also features interviews with industry experts, fashion show reviews and more.

How Often Do You Update the Site

We update the site regularly with new blog posts, product updates, and other information. However, we don’t have a set schedule for when we update the site.

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Thesteelemaiden is an online retailer specializing in vintage and antique steel furniture. The company was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Robert and Amy Steele, who were inspired by their own love of collecting antique steel furniture. Today, Thesteelemaiden offers a wide selection of steel furniture from all over the world, including tables, chairs, beds, dressers, cabinets, and more.


The Steele Maiden is a fashion and travel lifestyle blog based out of NYC. The blog covers a range of topics, from fashion tips and tricks to travel guides and destination ideas. The Steele Maiden offers readers a unique perspective on both fashion and travel, blending together her own personal style with her love for adventure.

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Our Reviews:

We can make the world a little bit better with great in-depth reviews.

Why? Because great in-depth gear reviews will help you select the right products for your specific needs, budget, and interests. And when you have the right product, you're a little bit happier which affects the people around you!

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