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The best time to visit New Orleans depends on your interest in the activities and what you want on your trip. While this beautiful city is always ready to welcome its visitors throughout the year and offers delightful festivals and events throughout the year. However, if you want to extract memorable moments from your trip as much as you can, plan your trip in November and December. Most days during this period are warm, and the city also wears holiday decorations. And since fewer people are around at this time, you can travel and get suitable accommodation at a low price.

From this article, you can learn about some of the best festivals in New Orleans and the best months to visit this lovely city.

Events from February to May

Ø February

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is one of the famous events in New Orleans, usually organized 47 days before Easter. The exact time of the event varies from year to year. Mardi Gras can be held from 3rd February to 9th March, on a Tuesday. The locals from nearby locations and foreigners from all over the world come here to enjoy colorful floats, dancing squads, flying beads, marching bands, and the general festive environment. People come here to see enchanting parades.

February Weather

In February, the weather in New Orleans is cool, and an average high of 65 F and a low of 48 degrees temperature. Also, you can experience more rain during this month compared to other winter months.

Ø March

Spring Fiesta

This event highlights the history of New Orleans and its cultural heritage. The Spring Fiesta is best if you want to encounter historical constructions, buildings, and interiors. Those private homes that have a mark of history open their doors to the general public. You can tour any of these homes. Also, a parade with horse carriages takes place in the French Quarter.

Tennessee Williams Literary Festival 

This event pays homage to American poets who play their role to enrich the literature of New Orleans. The festival showcases the literature actors, readings, poets, and playwrights of those who submit their original workpieces.

Congo Square Rhythms Festival 

The event takes place to celebrate the African music that prompted the birth of jazz in New Orleans. You can get entry to this event and listen to some fine beats of the Caribbean, Africa, and beyond.

March Weather

March indicates the arrival of spring in New Orleans. The temperature rises to 72 degrees and gets down to 54 degrees.

Ø April 

French Quarter Festival

The French quarter festival is the largest free fiesta in the state of Louisiana. It enlightens you with parades, dance lessons, jazz brunches, and much more, but all of them are free for their guests.

 Jazz & Heritage Festival

This event is a binge of all celebrations with fantastic jazz performances, craft corners, and marching bands, and also time to enjoy delightful New Orleans native cooking.

Jazz in the Park

In the mid of April, on Thursday evening, you can enjoy a free live concert from some great local jazz musicians. This concert takes place at Louis Armstrong Park.

April Weather

The season of the flourishing of flowers, spring, continues in April. The temperature starts rising with a high of 78 and a low of 60 degrees.

Ø May

Bayou Boogaloo Festival 

This festival offers you beautiful rhythms of music, yummy treats, and crafts to acknowledge. This event has a variety of things to make your day a thorough treat.

Wine & Food Experience

This event’s highlights include educational food seminars, grand tasting, or the saucy Gateaux Show, where parody entertainers go along with a pastry and cocktail competition.

May Weather

May’s weather has an average temperature of 85 degrees high and 68 degrees low. Not to mention, May is the best month to visit New Orleans because of its perfect weather.

Events from June to August

Ø June

 Oyster Festival 

The New Orleans Oyster Festival is a perfect event to acknowledge the beautiful place, and you can become an oyster lover. This festival includes endless arrays of local musicians with a cool breeze from the Mississippi River.

Creole Tomato Festival 

The tomato festival is one of the unique festivities of the world. The event pays homage to Tomatoes that add flavor to so many dishes in ”Louisiana’s local cuisine.

Cajun-Zydeco Festival 

This gala atmosphere blends with the beats and rhythms of jazz, blues, ‘Cajun’s folk music, and ‘ ‘Creole’s music. The event also features fiddles, washboards, and accordions.

June Weather

In June, the weather in New Orleans starts to become humid because of the rise in temperature. Mugginess can also occur but in the south part.

Ø July

French Film Festival 

This carnival exhibits more than twelve films of classic and contemporary French Films. Moreover, for the ease of people, all the French movies are viewable with English subtitles.

The Tales of Cocktails 

Cocktail lovers can come here to enjoy an endless range of cocktails and spirits. This place is also best to meet other spirit lovers and make a connection with them.


This carnival organizes a women’s conference, which follows with many professional and personal seminars, an abundance of food, a Bloody Mary Mixer, and shopping sprees.  

July Weather

July and August are usually the hottest months in New Orleans. The average temperature goes up to 95 degrees and down to 75 degrees.

Ø August

Nola Downtown Music and Arts Festival 

The event includes an abundance of activities such as live music, food trucks, pop-up shops, old fashion bowling, and some beautiful art objects.

Whitney White Linen Night 

Whitney White Linen Night is a summer party in the downtown district of Nola, accompanied by more than twenty local art galleries. These galleries host cocktail strolls showcasing them. Moreover, it offers you live entertainment and mouth-watering food from local restaurants.

Dirty Linen Night 

This unique festive encourages its visitors to wear dirty clothes and stalk antique shops with a dirty martini along with them. They have to walk five to six blocks in the famous Royal Street in the French Quarter.

August Weather

Like July, August is also a warm month, and you can experience an average temperature of 91 degrees high and 75 degrees low in New Orleans.

 Events from September to November

Ø September

Seafood Festival 

This carnival inaugurates the fall season with three days of activities. The festivities include live music and delicious seafood, including shrimp, oysters, crawfish, and much more food to chew.  

We Live To Eat Restaurant Week

This gala is the chance to try the dishes of some top chefs and top restaurants at a discounted price. Moreover, you can find signature dishes of famous chefs and restaurants in New Orleans with 25% off.

September Weather

September engrosses the initial chilly days of winter in New Orleans. This month has sunny days with less humidity. You can experience a high temperature of 88 degrees and a low of 72 degrees. But there is little chance to see beautiful rain in September compared to other summer months.

Ø October

Voodoo Music & Arts

This open-air concert gives you the experience of music icons like Marilyn Manson, The Cure, and A Perfect Circle.

Krewe of Boo Halloween Parade 

The carnival lights up the French Quarter with the gleeful display of everything tasty and spooky.

Cemetery tours 

The cemetery tours are available all over the year but the best time to experience this tour is during the Halloween season. It has time between 1 to 1.5 hours and costs around $20 for everyone, which has aged up to 12 years. You will see the illuminate people and places at this time of the year on tour.  

October Weather

October is unique on its own, which gives you an experience of warm weather with cool breezes. The high temperature is around 80 degrees, and the low temperature is around 63 degrees this month.  

Ø November

Oak Street Po-Boy Festival 

November is the month for food enthusiasts, and this activity enhances the warmth. You can enjoy the juicy Po-Boy sandwich that will leave you in awe.

Tremé Creole Gumbo Festival 

This festival is for the lovers of classic New Orleans cuisines, which include okra, sausages, staples, crab, crawfish, shrimp, chicken, other seafood. You can also enjoy live music by local jazz bands and musicians.

November Weather

This month still has a slight touch of summer but has a low temperature at night, which sometimes dips to the 50s. Although, the daytime temperature remains hot and remains in between the 70s.   


 Events from December to January

Ø December

Caroling in Jackson Square

You can hear some beautiful carolers in the heart of the French Quarter. 

Christmas Eve Bonfires

The Christmas Eve bonfires were held in Levee. It is a fantastic display of a bonfire and its structure is built in such a way that goes up to 300 feet high. It is easy to see the flames from far away, and passersby can also enjoy the beautiful scenes.  

The Reveillon Dinner

The New Orleans restaurant organizes the Reviillon Dinner, and they offer particular four of five main courses on their menu on Christmas Eve.

December Weather

The days of winter officially start in December in New Orleans. And have an average high of 64 degrees and a low of 47 degrees.

Ø January

Allstate Sugar Bowl 

The event falls out at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. If you don’t get the chance to visit this place, you can watch the game from any sports bars that telecast it.

King Cake Festival 

This unique festival is held in Champion Square at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. You can eat a local bakery’s iconic cake and sugary treats.

January Weather

January is the coldest month in New Orleans, with average lows of 42 degrees and a high of 62 degrees.

The Best Times to Visit New Orleans for Weather

If you are looking more towards the weather and don’t have much concern about the most popular festivals, then you can visit New Orleans at two different times. The first best time is between February and April, and you can also enjoy Mardi Gras by visiting during these months. Another great time to visit the place is in September, October, and November.  

If you have no concern about the budget, then hit the city in the days of spring. You will experience the best weather and a list of amazing festivals on most the weekends during the pleasing days of spring. People usually plan their trips and enjoy themselves during this season. But, you may go back empty-handed because of the high prices of flights and hotels.

However, the city in spring is marvelous because the days get warmer, and the humidity is relatively low. You can observe some beautiful festivals in spring, including the French Quarter Festival, which takes place in early or mid of April. This massive celebration lets you encounter free music, food, and the cultural heritage of Orleans with a free tour of the French Quarter’s pretty gardens and homes.

If you are planning to visit this city in the fall, you can enjoy its pleasant weather. Although New Orleans always has a risk of hurricanes from June to November, severe storms are infrequent. Apart from the risk of any natural disaster, October and November mostly have the lowest rainfall compared to other months. Moreover, the crowds will become less and also you can see a few festivals this season.

 The Cheapest Times to Visit New Orleans 

If you can bear the hot days in New Orleans, then the summer months are best to get the cheapest trips to this city. Mostly, hotel rates fall dramatically in August, and you can find some of the cheapest flights to New Orleans in the days of July, August, and September.

That means to avail discounts in this beautiful city and the best time to visit New Orleans in August. Before planning, check the rates of popular hotels and check any incentives or discounts available, especially for summer. Many hotels offer complimentary breakfast and free parking areas as a discount.

So, be prepared to experience summer weather, avoid outdoor activities during the day, and seek more air-conditioned places. You can enjoy the outdoors after dusk. However, if you have time to wait till September, then plan a trip this month. You will find cheap rates, plus can enjoy festivities with the best weather and less rain.  

The Worst Times to Visit New Orleans

New Orleans welcome a whooping amount of tourist during the Mardi Gras and Jazz Festival, which is usually held on the weekends from February to May. However, there is quite a fluctuation in the dates of these festivals every year. To avoid both local and foreign crowds and high traffic, plan and check the dates of events before visiting the city.

Another event that brings the crowd to the city is Sugar Bowl in January and Halloween in October. Hotels also fill quickly on these occasions.

The Worst Times to Visit for Bad Weather

Days from July to August are the muggiest, hottest, and rainiest compare to other months because the average high temperature is in the mid-90s with a 100% chance of humidity every day. For some people, the days are bearable due to air condition, but the higher possibility is that your trip will fall apart. If you think that you ”t bear hot summer and your trip will be awful these days then avoid the city in the summer.  

Peak Season in New Orleans

If you are a person that enjoys crowds, then the peak season to visit the city is at the time of Mardi Gras. This event takes place for several weeks, and one of the most significant events of the occasion occurs from mid-February to early March. You will see parties, parades, balls, and a lot more. But you need a pocket full of money to visit this time of the year. Moreover, the French Quarter Festival and Jazz Fest also attract crowds and offer plenty of food, music, and fun.


There is no best time to visit New Orleans because it only depends on a person what type of events they want to watch or experience. Some people enjoy food festivals, or some of them enjoy music

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